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Монорельсовая дробеструйная машина



This machine is specially designed for shot blasting odd jobs, which may have to be routed 3-4 times for overall coverage in a conventional shot-blasting machine.


 The main Cabinet is fabricated from 6 mm Steel Plates. It has a rubber-lined door on front and backside of the cabinet.  Perforated plates are provided at the bottom of the cabinet, which besides percolating the shots down also protects the screw con­veyor conveying the shots to elevator.

 Suitable steel hangers are provided for hanging the jobs.  Cabinet sidewalls will be lined with 12mm thick 11% - 14% Manganese Steel liners.


 400 mm Dia. hardened and dynamically balanced 2 Nos. of Rotors are housed in a steel casing with abrasion resistant liners.  The Blades, Control Cage (with 70º rectangular opening) Distributor will be also of abrasion resistant material having hardness of RC 60 to RC 65.  These freely rotating Rotors are aligned with the Main Motors (12.50 H.P.) with V-Belt drive arrangement. 


 The overhead conveyor is of heavy-duty type.  It is a loop type conveyor wherein four nos. hangers are supported from the beam.  Each hanger is fitted with a sprocket.  The hanger is taken inside the chamber by overhead conveyer.  Three hangers at any time shall remain outside the chambers for loading & unloading while the one hanger is inside the chamber for blasting.


 The spent abrasive from the bottom of the machine is conveyed to the elevator with the help of screw conveyor.  The elevator then picks up the shots with the help of conveyor belt (150W x 4 Ply) fitted with the buckets and carries them to the rotary separator which sieves all foreign materials except  useable  shots and feeds to the feed funnel attached to the feed spout which ultimately  brings back the shots into the rotors thus completing the recycling.



I.          CABINET

 The Cabinet is made from 6 mm M.S Plates duly reinforced with structural steel.  The cabinet is provided with vestibules on the entry and exit sides. The inner side of the cabinet is provided with wear resistant Manganese Liners.  Mn steel liners are provided in line with the rotors also.

 A safety switch is provided to prevent shot flowing to rotor when the door is in open position.

 II.         ROTOR UNIT

 300mm Dia. hardened and dynamically balanced 2 Nos. of Rotors are housed in a steel casing with abrasion resistant liners.   The Blades, Control Cage (with 70 degree rectangular opening) Distributor will be also of abrasion resistant material having hardness of RC 62 to RC 65.  These freely rotating Rotors are aligned with the Main Motors with V-Belt drive arrangement.  These Rotors are mounted on the side of the Cabinet at different angles to give full coverage to the surface to be blasted.


 The overhead Conveyor is of heavy-duty type.  The blast cabinet is suitably sealed to prevent the escape of abrasive at the point where the hanger is carried.  There are number of hangers supporting the work each hanger has a capacity of 100 kgs.  Each hanger is fitted with a sprocket that picks up an endless chain.  This provides rotation to the Hanger when in the blasting zone. The Hanger is supported from over head trolley.  This trolley is moved into the cabinet through Vestibule and goes out from the opposite side of the cabinet through Vestibule in a loop.

Технические характеристики: 


 Rotor Size                                                       :           400 mm dia. x 2 Nos.

 Flow Rate                                                        :           180 kg/min/Rotor

 Hanger Speed                                                 :           10 R P M  Approx.

 Hook Load Capacity                                       :           500 Kgs.

 Initial Abrasive Capacity                                 :           1000 Kgs.(Not in our scope of supply)

 Overall Dimensions of Cabinet                       :           1.2 M (L) x 1.2 M (W) x 1.5 M (H)

Overall Dimensions of Machine                     :           1.2 M (L) x 2.2 M (W) x 5.0 M (H)

Overall Dimension of Dust Collector              :           2.5 M (L) x 1.0 M (W) x 4.5 M (H)                                                                                                                                          

Motor Rating :  (Reputed Make Only)     1440 RPM

 Main Rotors                                                    :           12.5 H.P     2 Nos

 Elevator                                                           :           02.0 H.P

 Screw Conveyor                                             :           02.0 H.P

 Hanger Drive                                                  :           01.0 H.P          

 Overhead Conveyor                                       :           03.0 H.P

 Blower                                                             :           15.0 H.P

 Rotary Valve                                                   :           01.0 H.P




 Rotor Size                                              :       300 mm Dia. x 2 Nos.

Flow Rate                                               :       160 kg/min/Rotor

Hanger Speed                                        :       10  R P M

Overall Dimensions of Cabinet              :       0.8 M x 0.8 M x 1.20 M  (L X W X H)

Overall Dimensions of Machine            :       3.0 M x 1.5 M x 5.00 M  (L X W X H)

Overall Dimension of Dust Collector     :       1.2 M x 1.0 M x 5.00 M  (L X W X H)     

  MOTOR RATING (Reputed Make Only) :    1440 RPM

 Rotor                                                      :         7.5 H.P        2 Nos

Elevator                                                  :         1.0 H.P       2 Nos

Spinner Conveyor (Hook Drive)            :         1.0 H.P       1 No

Monorail Conveyor                                :         2.0 H.P        1 No

Fan                                                         :         5.0 H.P       1 No

 Shaker                                                    :         1.0 H.P       1 No 

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